Worlds. Collide.

One of my passions, that I don’t really share on this venue, is my love of animals.

I have two amazing kitties.  Adopted from The Lange Foundation, where I still volunteer every Saturday.


Maybe it was because I was en route Lange yesterday.

And maybe it was because I was passing my amazing local fabric store, Sew Modern.   


And maybe because CatCon LA is coming next month.

images (28)

I knew I wanted some feline fabric.

* * *

Here is what I ended up with, at the suggestion of the wonderful staff–


Cotton and Steel, Hatbox Collection–Tiger Stripes, Alexia Abegg


Happy Cats, Makower UK

* * *

What a happy purchase.  (Note:  I refrained from saying “purrrrrrchase.”)

I think they will make a wonderful little hat, perfect.  (Note:  ” .”)

And certainly not too-over-the-top for an event that is summed up as Comic Con for cat lovers.

I think, all things considered, I will be keeping it very classy…


Friday Femme: Dries Van Noten.

I know that my intention behind this weekly feature is to focus on a female from history or of today who is a particular inspiration to me.  This past week, however, I have found myself compelled to share this designer’s new work with you.

download (1)


Dries Van Noten is probably my favorite fashion designer.  There is just something so interesting about his collections.  To me every piece is perfect.  And I rarely find that I feel that way about fashion.  I am prone to nitpick.  To want to fiddle with the details and the runway presentations.  


Not with this artist.  I think his use of print, pattern and texture are always spot on.  The way each piece fits in with the others in the collection.

In the very best way possible, I feel enervated and completely satisfied.  

Left with but one phrase:  “enfin, ça y est.”

Here is a slideshow of my very favorites from the fall 2015:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And of course, as with all runway fashion–I am such a different body type than those featured.  

The pieces are much more high end than I am able to afford.  



He does so speak to my sensibility–  that I feel connected.  And inspired.  And empowered.

And isn’t that what it is all about, after all?



In gratitude for his understanding of what a woman wants.  

And wrapping it all up with the prettiest of bows…



A Week Later…

the Shrub is ready!


You may remember that a week ago I posted this entry about my first attempt to make a drinking vinegar.

It has been steeping for days and I have strained it.  And was a little nervous to taste it.  It was not the prettiest of concoctions and was verrrrrrry whiffy when I poured it out of the jar.

But when I poured a few fingers’ full into the glass, added ice and topped it off with sparkling water and a straw.  And lo!

It was GOOD!

images (27)il_570xN.600337174_99hgimages (27)


Art for the Masses: Papirmass–Sale!

A few weeks ago, I wrote this post, extolling the virtues and discussing some future purchasing at the wonderful Papirmass.

slideshow_1 (1)

I just checked their site, and they are having a sale!  In fact, select prints are 50% off.  Which makes them a whopping $4.99/per.  Not on the ones that I had intended to purchase.  But seriously reconsidering.




And I don’t know about you, but the Yoko O. print gives me the giggles (in a great way) every time.  And that bright geometric is big!  18 x 24″  That is a bang for your buck, I would say.  Plus, this artist mentions bauhaus wonder woman Gunta Stolzl as an inspiration–I’m in!  

* * *

Now if I can only find the wall space.

Thought it was worth sharing.  Check it, for yourselves.