Small. Fork. In the Road.


Yes!  It has been a little over a week since my last day at work.

In the Very Interesting Way that Life works out, it turns out that my family has really needed me home to help them.  So for the next little while, I will be in Eugene, Oregon. 

Spending time helping my sister navigate the new world of Type I Diabetes.  My dad, with his seriously jacked back (multiple fractures, degenerative stuff, etc).  My nephew, who is recovering from stomach flu.  And my mom.  Who is keeping it all together.


It has been a good week.  Right now we are all in one house.  A situation which we have not found ourselves since, gee.  Since perhaps early High School days–like 30 years ago.  So it is nice to have the time together.  And if you add us all together, we do make quite the unit. 

I like that I am being tasked with doing so many “typical adult” things for the very first time in my life.  At the “young” age of 45.  Seems like I have been resting on my child-free, apartment dwelling laurels for too long.  In one week, I have become a Suburban Housewife.  With all of the duties and skills that involves. 

Very.  Very.  Interesting.


I am not sure how long I will be here.  Or if blogging is a true possibility.

Please excuse my dust for a moment.

As Life.  She is a’ calling…



House Projects. Coveting.

I have 2 more full days of work.  Then…freedom!


Freedom for so many things.  But secondarily speaking, I really want to get my house in order.  We’ve lived in the same place for 18 (!!) years now.  When we moved in, there was SO MUCH STORAGE.  Now–it is feeling a little cramped.  It’s definitely time to purge.

But after that.  Would really like to fix some things up.  Or maybe move and begin again…

So while these are not likely to happen at this location, here are some great looks that I found on MessyNessyChic.  From an article entitled “5 Vintage Ideas to Steal from Nostalgic NYC Dream Loft.”


Granted, our place is purely Los Angeles Dilapidated Mad Men Pad.  But I do fancy some of these ideas.  



Aren’t they dishy?  Mental note:  taken.


Lucky. Warrior.

Got these sandals over the weekend.  Will be wearing them to a wedding next Saturday.  


Love them.  And just adore Lucky Brand’s leather goods.  Always fully lined.  Great quality and price point.

Especially when they are on sale.  That’s, of course, when I usually am able to scoop them up.  These puppies were 75% off at Macy’s.  Woot!

Now.  Just have to figure out what color for my toes…


Friday Femme: Lotte Reiniger


You may have seen her work and not known it.

Yes.  There is a long tradition of this style in world puppetry theater.  And successors.  For sure, artists influenced by this type of silhouette, paper cutting, and animation.  It lives on in fashion, as well.  For when I googled her name, I saw posts on runway styles and even manicure techniques (!) that emulate her work.

For me, German artist Lotte Reineger has it all going on.  Of course, the working in the time period that I love so much.  But the modern look of her work and use of the contemporary technology.  And her nod to the past.  Oh.  So much to love.

Here is a particularly wonderful example.  Art meets commerce in the endorsement of Nivea Cream and Aspirin.  Fairytale style.  I mean, heck–a girl does have to pay the bills…


You can read more about her career and life here.

And if her process interests you…


But perhaps my very favorite image and tribute of all is this picture:

 images (10)


PS:  While writing this post, I experienced a sensation of some work that I had seen locally, not all that long ago.  Something important that made me think of Reiniger’s work.  Finally.  My brain let go and reminded me that it was the stunning Kara Walker exhibition that was at the Hammer Museum a few years ago.  The film I was remembering was this work:

My god.  Now Kara Walker.  Now she’s a whole post, or 3,  for another time.  But that is how it works, no?  x! 





TBT: The Girls.

My sister, Cassie.  And me. 

Playground on the last day of school.  c. 1980

little gurls


In all our glory.

I like to think that these girls run free, still.

Hair flying.  Ready to take all comers.