Sweet Sunday Sounds: Lux Radio Theater


Throwback Thursday: reposting this one from the Archives.

I am in an Old Time Radio Facebook group and there was a fun thread regarding Lux Radio Theater. Thought I would throw this back in the mix for fun. xxx

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Something that I love nearly as much as classic cinema–is Old Time Radio.  This has been the case since I was a pre-teen, when I started listening to recordings on albums and cassettes I first found in the public library and enjoyed over and OVER

As I’ve mentioned before, I was a kind of strange kid.  In love with the past.  In my own dreamy world.

This has been a past-time that has only been helped with technology.  But, sadly–I’ve not really ever been able to “share” this passion with others.  It’s just not a particularly easy sell these days–the “Theater of the Mind.”  Kind of lacks all of the technological bells and whistles that we are used to.

But golly.  It was THE head-trip and entertainment staple of its day!  And it is one that is my go-to as I commute and putter around the house.  It…

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Sunday Night…

What IS it about Sunday night?  

And then, of course, there’s Monday morning:


Doesn’t seem to matter how much you love your life.  

Or how late you stay up.  Here they come again.


I suppose that it is just the twinge of sadness and mild panic we get for all things that must end.  

And there’s the surprised irony–that we get a second chance to repeat the whole megillah again, come morning.  

Oh.  We are funny bunnies.

* * *

Wishing you the sweetest of Sunday nights.  I will catch you on the flip side.

Leaving you with a few of my evening-themed seranades.  

Sleep tight.  Don’t let ‘em bite.  And may you enjoy the dawn.


THE. Friday Femme: Sonia Delaunay.

As you may have noticed, I like to feature female figures from the past and present on a Friday.  Give a little shout-out to those who have inspired me and influence me today.

Today’s Friday Femme may well be the definitive, in my book.  

Sonia Delaunay.

Here is a sampling from the various genres she worked in.

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Textile Design


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Fashion/Fashion Illustration


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Her work certainly resonates with me–the riot of color and pattern.  I am amazed at her energy and output.  The panache of it all.  

And what is interesting, too, is that she does this in a way that is not “unlike” that of others around at the time.  She has so much in common with her Constructivist peers–and brings to mind for me the work of, say, Kandinsky or of El Lissitzky.

Well, they may have some of the same look.  And use some of the same shapes.  

But to me, they are missing a little something.  

* * *

I see a softness and fluidity in her lines that are a thing apart.  And essentially Feminine.

And I suppose, like-to-like, that is why I feel her work in a deeper, more personal place.



PS:  You can read much more about this artist at The Red List.

Better Late than Never. And All That Jazz…

A while back, D. and I agreed that we would start collecting dinnerware by the amazing french artist, Nathalie Lete.  Here is a peek at some of the designs.  We plan to get a mixed selection.  Just one or two at a time.  

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Anthropologie carries a nice selection of dinner and salad plates–and they move them through at a brisk clip, as new designs come in the shop.  I like that.  They are so colorful and can see enjoying our meals off them for some time.

We hadn’t actually gotten around to diving in–as they are a little pricey (at least for my budget).  So I was really happy to see that the small plates they had around the holidays were still there, though they were taken off the website right after Christmas.  

I watched that stack dwindle.  At a slow pace.  So was able to finally wait it out and pick them up with an extra 25% off their second markdown.

One for each of us.  



They are cute.  And I am looking forward to adding to them.  Sometime SOON!

But this is an adorable start…


Millinery Jackpot.

I am still shaking my head at what happened yesterday.

I went back to a local thrift store, to check out some vintage hats that I had left behind.  I just couldn’t make up my mind about them.  I just walked away.


But since it was on the way to other Saturday errands, I walked in to see if they were still there.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Not only were those items still there, but more were, besides.  And these new items that had just been put out were so much better!

It was like I was on an Easter Egg hunt that was staged for a 4-year old.



I went around and picked what I saw.  Not believing my good luck.  They had obviously received a donation from a former Milliner.  Or at least someone interested in hats/hatmaking.  And as you may know, that is not something that you see every day.  

I picked up these lovelies.  And do pardon the photography–it was a rainy day here and could scarcely light it, let alone stage it.  Just wanted to report my good luck!  :)

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Pictured in the lot are

1.  3 vintage hats that I will lovingly restore to a more Modern State of wearability

2.  a balsa hat block that is just my own hat size

3.  a black unblocked velour hood

4.  FIVE vintage Industrial Bobbins, used in the old textile mills–but I use them as hat stands

5.  a really solid child’s torso mannequin.

* * *

And here is the best part–I only paid $ 115.00 for the lot.  Really incredible deal.

I am so tickled.  As you can imagine–this just doesn’t happen that often, while random thrifting.  


PS:  What is really gratifying is that this is the location that we have donated SO MUCH STUFF over the years.  It’s such a good one & am pleased to be able to give them my $$$ as well.  Win::Win.


Vintage Cozy.

Though I don’t know her in person, I am FB friends with this talented artist–Michele Marck.  She is a knitter extraordinaire and creates amazing pieces from vintage patterns.


Here are a few of my favorites currently for sale in her Etsy Shop:

You can see more here at the interactive Flipsnack site.  Plus, check out what she is up to lately, on her pretty blog.

As a “back-and-forth” organic knitter, unable/unwilling to read a pattern to save my life, I am just smitten with her talent and apparent ease to crank these creations out.  Her price points are amazing.  Do check it out.  You’ll like what you see…

a bit of cozy for the end of February.


Friday Finds

Oh, Anthropologie.  We need to have a serious talk, we do.


All I was doing was minding my own business.  Checking out the extra 25% off on all clearance items.

When I *had to* look at the New Arrivals.

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You know that there is no way in Hades this is happening.  Right?

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Well.  A girl can look…


Friday Femme–Annabella Lwin

I’ve recently found myself downloading tons of tunes by Bow Wow Wow.

This is partly due to the fact that I am an occasionally nostalgic teen of the 80’s.  

And due to the pure force that was Annabella Lwin.

  This girl was on fire.  Fierce and Wild.  Shrieking and Precocious.  Provacative.  

In a way that I understood so very clearly at the time to be the (inner, at least) me.


And in a way that my older self can pause and reflect.  On the very thought of unbottling and unbridling female passion and energy.  For our/my own self.  Or upon request.

I know that there is a layer there around the fact of her age at the time of her greatest fame.  Whether she was sexualized or wrongly used.  But I will leave that alone.  For I think that part of her great talent was the reality of her tender years.  That abandon that comes from being so.  very.  young.

And only I know how much good “hanging from the trees, naked in the breeze” would do me now…


So I thank you for what you brought to the table for me, Annabella.  I think you are incredible. 

Short Doc about her life and background…