Tuneful Thursday: Pomplamoose

It is fun to see if there are songs out there, written for someone who shares your name.  

Sometimes you get really lucky, and it’s one as lovely and as perfectly wonderful as this.

Love me some Pomplamoose–


WWD: Trending Ahead.

I love the Women’s Wear Daily Facebook Page.  

It provides me with a quick, constant Fashion Fix.  

It’s great that the feed comes at you in a fast and furious rate.  That you get to parse through at your own pace to see what is coming up for the next season.  

Yes.  There are articles that pack it up and wrap it in a nice bow.  But I will still take that any day of the week, rather than have some glossy rag full of adverts shoving suggestions at me that I MUST BUY NOW, in order to be up-to-date.  No thanks.

I want to share this article they posted yesterday–identifying 7 trends for FW14.

Here is a gallery of what most appealed to me…

1.  Over-sized Tailoring





2.  Sixties



3.  Fur

chloe-029 j-mendel28


4.  Pastel



5.  Knit


6.  Shine



7.  Plaid


Click on the link to see a much larger slideshow.  Great stuff.  

Makes a girl start feeling all sorts of cozy.  In April, yet.  





Good Gravy! A Great Trade!

I was tickled over the weekend to get a Trade Request from Etsy Seller Diane, from Fashion Renovation

She was interested in this cloche in My Etsy Shop:


* * *

After a look-see in her shop, I traded her the hat for these goodies:


I love to use these awesome vintage enameled trays while I am working.  They keep everything close at hand. 



I have plans for this sweet hat.  Going to do some “Millinery Archaeology” and rework the sweatband and trim. 

I have a plan in the works for a line of upcycled vintage hats.  Have been working on a few and they are fun.  This one is a sweet honey.  Can’t wait to have a crack at it.

It’s also a great way to hone my skillsets by un-working at hat and seeing how it is made in the first place.  Invaluable information.

* * *

Trading on Etsy has been one of the unexpected delights of the whole experience.

It is so much fun to have this type of interaction with like-minded people.

Meet-barter-play.  It is a currency that is fresh and so new.  But as old as time. 

Good stuff.

And it already came in the mail!  Thanks again, Diane.  Great trade! 


Friday Femme: Close to Home

Let’s just lay it out.   It must be that I am getting over a cold which seems to be going into bronchitis.  

For some reason, this Friday I am not wanting to travel far to find my Femme of the day.  

So instead, I think that I will share myself and some silly selfies with you.

* * * 

As you know, I take the bus to-and-from my 9-5.  Let me tell you–that makes for a lot of standing around time.  

But I DO get so much done!  Reading.  Listening to music, podcasts and old radio shows.  Doodling.  

List-making and Dreaming.  

There is a lot to take in.  (And to block out).  I find that it is a meditative process, this getting-home business. 

It’s the time I use to gear up for or to shake off the day.  And I get the opportunity to be the ultimate artist.   To be with alone with myself in a crowd and observe.  Let me tell you–it’s quite a show out there!  And I don’t dare disturb those around me.  If I do is snap pictures, it is usually a discreet shot of me.  (Which looks like me just looking at my phone).  And of my day.  To record how it feels. 


Sometimes I will focus on a fashion detail or combination.  Other times, it is to check and see if  it is possible to match what is going on with me internally, to the “self” that I  am presenting to the world.  

And now that I am in my 40, I see my appearance changes on what seems like an almost daily basis.  It is really strange and magical to see this transformation take place.  It  is something to look at the mirror and not recognize the face staring back at you.  It is like meeting a stranger sometimes.  And makes me realize that I have missed something, in that I pretty much had stopped taking “real” pictures for the longest time.  That space in-between technologies:  from the small canvas of  the simple camera.  To the personal galaxy of the smart phone.     

I remember a few years ago reading that David Hockney uses an App on his I-phone to create a “work-of-art” daily.  I found that interesting.  I mean, an artist uses whatever medium is available as a means of expression, right?  So that is what I do when I am in full commute:  Play.  Think.  Capture.  Express.

It makes me think that this must feel like what having a Kodak Brownie was like, so many years ago.  

The ability to capture reality.  Through Your.  Own.  Lens.  

* * *



Tuesday! Too Darned Hot!

Ok.  It is a scorcher out there today in Los Angeles.  It was almost 90 degrees this afternoon~  So you may wonder why I am thinking about leather gloves.

Yes.  Leather.  Gloves.

Probably this thought grew out of thinking about my last post.  About Mr. Selfridge being back on the air.  And thinking of my favorite character, Agnes Towler.  And those wonderful red gloves that Mr. S. himself gifted her in the first episode.


My goodness.  They were so very lovely!  And then I got to thinking of some leather gloves and handbags that I have seen recently on Etsy.  

At the Gloves Masters Shop you can find some absolutely stunning accessories.  They are truly delicious.  And, I think, not too late for many folks around the country to yet pull off.  So, I will continue to fan myself and dream of climates that cry for abundant accessorizing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some of my favorite gloves from their shop.  And don’t forget to check out the bags, as well.  They are wonderful!  

But best of all–they are all set at a price point that would certainly make even an Agnes T. smile.


Speaking of Selfridges: Mr. Selfridge, Season 2

It’s back!  Did you catch it last Sunday night on Masterpiece Theater?

download (2)

I wasn’t sure, after all the goings-on last season, if I would be back.  

And *yes*…it can be a little silly and faux dramatic.

But the interior of the store, itself, is enough to keep me coming.  Not to mention my favorite character, Agnes Towler.  She’s the shop-girl-made-good, come back from Paris to be the Visual Merchandiser for the whole darned store.  Go, Agnes!

download (1)

She’s played, adorably, by actress Aisling Loftus.  And I just love how they are letting her character grow.  She’s come back from Paris–very a la mode.  Even though she is slightly sweating her big promotion, she is doing it in grand style.  


And, of course, what I really want to know–will she and Henri resume their affaire?  They are superbly mated.  I am keeping my fingers crossed tight!