Tuesday Trends: the new “Spring Cleaning”


A change is happening with me.  A change not only towards the way I clean my house.  And I swear, this is purely being driven by the spate of new products I have seen lately in the market-place.

About 20 years ago I was an eco-nut.  No chemicals.  Making my own cleaning products.  But that faded in time, as work and life got more in the way.  

And then came SWIFFER and the HOUSEHOLD WIPES.  hooked.  I was pleased with the time that I had saved.  I felt that my weekly cleaning regimine had been virtually eliminated by the ability to quickly wipe all the grime away.  No elbow grease required!

But i admit i am growing weary of those scents.  of the thought that “if it smells *good,* it must be clean.”

and i am starting to see–or perhaps to notice–a growing trend out there.  of more durable, old-fashioned goods.  yes–like grandma used to use.  rug beaters.  and metal caddies.  canister vacuums.  and wool dusters.

in stores like West Elm–with their Marketplace.  and Crate and Barrel–they are turning large sections of their stores into havens of domestic bliss.  simple concepts.  attractive goods.  nice prices, too–when you consider the waste of the more ephemeral wipe/swiffer genre.

shown here are a few of my favorites.  click on the product to link to its online source.


sladust mop co


(note:  hurrah!  Mrs. Meyer’s clean day line has quite a few new scents!)

hand vac




I’m looking forward to stocking up on some of these goodies in the near future.  

Making that cleaning chore less of a burden and more of a sensory pleasure and satisfaction.

Because it really is all about doing more with less.  And working smarter, not harder.

–with the end-game being getting more of THIS:



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