Friday Facts–12 things to know about the Femme behind “Flapper Femme”

1.  12 is my most favorite number.  Which isn’t really surprising…my birthday is December 12th!

2.  When I was in 2nd grade my teacher put my school desk in the hallway.  For a whole week.  This was to curb my social habit.  I’m not sure of the efficacy of this method.

3.  When I was also in 2nd grade, I told my classmates about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, et al.  I don’t think that this increased my standing with the parents of my classmates…

tooth fairybunshh

4.  That same year–I held my very own impromptu “Ted Talk” at the big oak tree during one recess.  I had found the best-seller book “I’m OK–You’re OK” in my parents bedroom.  Somehow I felt compelled to share my take on Transactional Analysis” and its application in real life to my peers.  I can picture clearly the look Principal’s face as he strode across the playground towards me.

i'm ok you're ok

5.  I am passionate about animals.  All of them.  (Except for insects).  I especially love my beasties, Kiko and George.  I  adopted them from the best place on earth, the Lange Foundation, in West L.A.


(ladies first–Kiko on left.  Gorgeous George on right)

5.  I love music, though I have a terrible singing voice.  This is a real disappointment.

6.  I have two goals for the not-so-distant future.  Perhaps if I write them down, they will happen?

     a.  Learn to play the ukelele on something like this:


     b.  Learn to tap dance.  Like this:

7.  I have one sister.  Her name is Cassie.  I like to call her “Cassie-Belle.”  Sometimes I just call her “Gurl.”  She is my pal and has always been my partner in mischief.

little gurlsgurls

8.  I do not have any children.  We tried to–really hard and for a long time!  But it was just not in the cards.  And it has worked out o.k.  

     I also don’t drive–driving in Los Angeles freaks me out.  That said, I do dream of having an espresso bean- brown Fiat.


9. I grew up outside of teeny township in central Illinois.  In the middle of the cornfield.  From Junior H.S. on, we went “to town” (Normal) regularly.  I graduated from “Normal Community High School.”   I didn’t realize that this was funny until after I moved to Los Angeles.  20+ years ago.


10.  My Mama is from a rural farm in Georgia, ya’ll.  My dad is from ranching and lumber stock in Oregon.  Growing up, my parents gave me the materials, guidance and freedom to create.  And for me, creation is everything.  Thank you for giving me everything, folks.



11. I am with the sweetest man.  We’re not married, but we have been together for 16+ years.  He inspires , surprises and tickles me daily. He is a true keeper.


12.  Last but not least:  I’m ok.  You’re ok.  But you knew that already, didn’t you.  xxx



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Love this post! 😀 I already knew you were okay, I will admit! 😉

  2. flapperfemme says:

    Glad to hear it, my darling girl. I am relieved, validated and grateful as all-get-out. xxx

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