Sleepy Saturday


I have to admit–instead of a nice Saturday lie-in, I am up early.  A bit of a rough night.  But that is o.k. 

It was glorious sleeping weather, though–a nice cool night under some very cozy bedding.

Which reminded me of an e-mail I received recently from the Vermont Country Store promoting their Spring merchandise. If you don’t know about the Vermont Country Store, you should check it out–it is quite the experience. It’s a site that apparently targets the “oldsters” out there. But if you scratch the surface you will find much more. (um…ie: “Health Aids” section).

What I particularly love is the ability to shop retro-styled products that are new. Like these amazing chenille bedspreads featured below. They are getting ever-harder and more expensive to find used–and that is in all their faded glory!  These are so nicely-priced.




Can you imagine snuggling down under one of these floral bouquets?  What a lovely thought. 

And speaking of that lovely thought–it IS still early yet.  I think I will go back and grab some more ZZZ’s.

Happy Saturday.  Check the site:


It is a hoot!


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