furniture for friday: bludot, i love you.

Yes, it’s true:  Bludot rocks.  They do!

About a month ago D. and I were on what continues to be “the quest for the perfect desk chair.”  We dropped into the local Bludot, not far from where we live.

And I saw so many lovely things.

They have some amazing deals on indoor/outdoor seating.  These “hot mesh” chairs are only 99$ per.  SO CUTE!


And in the store the “Son of a Bench” table really tickled me.  Bludot asks, “is it a modern bench, coffee table or sculpture?”  I’m not sure–it is such a beautiful item.  And to think of the construction–it’s made from one piece of sheet metal, then coated in rubber!  It is a hefty, wonderful *thing* that would be a great keeper piece…


And gosh–I just loved the Anthony Burrill prints.  This one in particular:


Good stuff…good price points.  And we have been very satisfied with the pieces we have purchased from them in the past (Bedroom dresser and night stand).  It’s a great company.  The showroom staff were so sweet and low-key.  I have a feeling, we will be back…

…I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, you can do your own browsing, here:


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