Saturday Spotlight: Bauhaus Women


Who knows where any of us get our interests from.  I’ve happen to be drawn to the period between the World Wars. 

Particularly the modern art and architecture coming out of Germany, Austria, Italy and the Soviet Union.

The fashion, style and events of that time resonate with me in ways that I can’t explain.


I am sure that these affinities can be traced, if I stop to think about the “why” of it.  They can be explained in my genetic inheritance and in my personal quirks. 

From my lifetime of successes and failures.  But I don’t often take the time to figure this out.


So why this period?  Why the Bauhaus school, in particular?  So specific!  Such a relatively short period of time! ???

I can tell you with some certainty that I am interested in the marriage of the handmade and the machine made.  In strong lines and soft curves.  In color!  Texture! 

In the integration of art into every aspect of life.  In growing strides towards parallel play between the genders, if not towards outright gender equality.

And, of course, the fashion of it all.


The women of Bauhaus inspire and rouse me to express.  They are fresh, engaging and so eternally modern.  

I’m attaching a brief article from The Guardian, that gives them a shout-out.  There are other sources online to get to know them.  And yes–they have been overshadowed by their male counterparts.  And it is what it is.


What I am more interested in, is their participation.  And in their appearance, at all. 

The photographic record belies their energy, willingness and style.  Their gamine abandon gives me hope and courage.


They are the benefactors of we that have come after.  I see their expression on all creative women today. 

Thank you ladies.  All.



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