Monday Marketplace: Weekend Shopping @ Unique LA


I had a great Saturday–it was the Unique LA show.  One of my favorite shows.

It comes around near my birthday, in December,  which somehow allows me to shop with abandon (at least that’s MY story…lol…) and in the Spring.  Last year they added a date in the Summer.

It’s the best combination of “what is out there” in terms of good food and handmade everything.

I scored some great stuff from these vendors:

1.  MNKR

images (2)

MNKR has been at all of the Unique shows, as far as I know.  And what I love most dearly about them, is their sale bin.  Many of the vendors have show specials–but they really are generous and have such sassy, soft pieces.  I ended up getting 3 shirts and a sweatshirt for $50.  So you can’t beat that with a stick.bethe_LS_thumbW

(favorite sweatshirt from the Winter show…:)

2.  Hepp’s Salt:

Oh my goodness..this stuff.

images (3)

images (1)

I didn’t *realize* what I have been missing, in my lack of such lovely seasonings.  The smoked salts, alone, made me go back to the booth more than once.

And I succummed…


(…plus a Lemon Salt.  and a Hickory Salt.  AND I picked up 2 of the Ghost Pepper Salts–the vendor gave me TWO SALT GRAINS and it set my mouth on fire!)

3.  And last, but not least:  httI p://

I had seen the amazing tattly products linked on the site “Work is not a Job.”  I was excited to see them in person & was immediately asked if I would “like to try one.”  Why, yes…I would.  They were slapping this tatt on everyone that came by their booth:                                                                   


I liked it so much, that I ended up with these sets:


set2Plus this one, for the niece and nephews in San Diego.  

(It’s good to have some back up Auntie-bling in your bag of tricks…):


Totally smitten with all of my purchases and the fun had.  

Great day.  xxx !


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