Flapper Femme Friday: Ready for the Weekend.

weekend-bank-holiday-1920s-frenchbydesign-wmphoto: courtesy Fab Housewife

I am not sure that I should be so looking forward to the weekend.  Really!  I just had 2 days off work, for the Jewish holidays.  

All I really had to do was show up today and here it is, all TGIF-like.  

But no.  Can’t wait for my two more days.  It’s never enough…

And I just love this image.  It really captures the exhilaration of early-Saturday for the working-girl.

When D. and I set out to have some fun.

This weekend, there are plenty of options.

Mine likely include some volunteer work at my favorite animal shelter:  http://www.langefoundation.com/index/Home.html.

Going to this shelter’s amazing annual Estate Sale:  test flier real

Some good food.  God Bless Los Angeles.  Watching some old movies, ‘natch.  Sleeping in.

And definitely will be working on photographing more cloche and cocktail hats and getting them listed in the Etsy shop.

It should be lovely.  Can’t wait!

What are you planning to get up to this weekend?

Hope you get up to something FUN.   xxx


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