Friday Finds: New Goodies at Besame Cosmetics


I made my first Besame cosmetics purchase at Unique LA.  Gosh–I think it has been a few years ago.  

After that first time, I was hooked.

The packaging.  The colors and range of products.  And my, they last and last.  What seems like a splurge ends up being just good economy in the long run.  Plus, the company has a darling founder and visionary, in Gabriela Hernandez.  It is all just good stuff.

Looks like there is a new red in town, folks.  Not sure if I am so bold as to try it–but I just might.  I think the gloss might be nice.

Here are a few of my personal favorites from Besame, if you would like to dip your feet in their plentiful pool:

Crimson Cream Rouge


This is my go-to blush and lip stain.  It lasts all day and really has a nice vintage look.

(here is an adorable video of Gabriela Hernandez giving a tutorial on its application)

Brightening Violet Powder


This is just the most heavenly stuff.  It works very nicely over concealer or cream, under a finishing powder.  It smells nice, too!  It is so delicate and feminine.  It’s a delight to use!

Besame goodies are always impeccably wrapped.  Even if you are gifting someone else, you truly feel like you had a lovely, old-fashioned shopping experience.  With bon-bons , hat boxes  and many other lovely parcels to carry.  It is a real feel-good purchase.

At shows, there have always been generous gifts with purchase.  And if you order online, they do have free shipping on 2+ items.  Also, get on their mailing list–they do provide special deals from time to time.

Gee.  I just love this stuff.



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