Sunday Shop: Flapper Femme Fascinators

This past week I listed several Cocktail Hats and Fascinators to the Flapper Femme Etsy shop.  I wanted to give them an airing on here and to discuss their construction and how much fun they are to wear!

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These small hats are so much fun to make!  They involve all of the creative skills that I love so much–the mixture of  pattern and color.  I really enjoy selecting vintage and new textiles to create a surprising blends.  I like using earthy, natural adornments, such as shell or horn beads–along with more traditional veiling and trims.  I think it is a great mash-up and in the end, it is a great marriage of old and new.

I get a lot of joy in making the inside as fun as the outside.  The lining is not meant for anyone else but the person who put it on.   

Finally, I am very proud of all of the handiwork that goes into these pieces.  I am always surprised when the hat bases are offered barely adorened, as “completed” pieces.  They always look so naked to me!!!

I am much happier to see something that is *properly* covered and lined.  And yes–I delight that you “can even see the stitches.” 

To me, this adds to the hand-made experience.  And in studying vintage hats, for years now, the same can be said from Millinery from times past–the stitches are there.  And that is what makes the hats hand-created.  And very special, in my eyes…

And finally (most importantly)–wearing them.  It’s easy and fun!

Here are a few photos of me.  One is casual–at my friend Rachel’s Birthday party, last September.  It was a hot day in the San Fernando Valley & I opted for a t-shirt and flowing trousers.  The second picture is me and my honey, in a more formal shot.  The nice thing that you can see, too, is that there is no “right or wrong” orientation–the hat is with the teardrop pointing down in the first picture and pointing up in the second.  Any which way you turn it–it’s all good…



I’ll continue to add more of these little hats to the Etsy shop in the next week.  I also do custom orders, if you are looking to create something special for yourself.  I can work with your preferred shape, textile choice or quantity (if you have a special event–wedding, etc).

Let me know!  I’d love to get you hooked up in this cute and fun look! 



2 Comments Add yours

  1. tarotbymoMo says:

    Great! I am ready to be fascinating!
    We will talk.

  2. margo gravelle says:

    nice to the facinators out of the hat box! Good job Leslie. I need to find a function to wear mine.

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