Sunday Shops: Vicarious Gumps, San Francisco

gum[ gump4 As often happens while surfing the internets, you can end up in the most interesting and unexpected of places.

It may be the result of watching too much of Masterpiece’s Mr. Selfridge–but my *travels* this morning made me feel like doing some more pretend shopping in a current, yet historical institution.  Which took me to the San Francisco institution, Gumps.

Founded in 1861, the history of this West Coast shopping mecca was directly influenced by the events of the day.

It started out, humbly enough, but began catering to the get-rich-quick Gold Rush crowd, with European luxury goods.

It was completely destroyed in the big earthquake in 1906.  The son rebuilt and began indulging his own love of Oriental art & collectibles.  These were sold to the newly rich moving to California to live the dream.gump2

The concern was kept in the family until the late 1970’s.  It still offers high-end pretties.  Browsing around, I was tickled to find that they still offer items with an asian flair.  And that there are so many classic goods–I was really drawn to all of the natural, earthy materials.  Here are my picks for today:

You can also see this selection, on my Pinterest board (with links to items)



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