Take a Look Thursday: Magical Meadham Kirchoff

Ah.  The internets.  You never know what you might find…

Back around Mother’s Day, I stumbled upon this sweater , which it turns out, is from an older line from the uk studio, Meadham Kirchoff.  (Edward Meadham is British and Benjamin Kirchoff is from the South of France).

When I dug slightly further, I found this amazing vid.  

Can you say, “delicious?”  I am in love.  God, what it would be to dress like this daily.  Swoon.


ps1:  If you like this collection, check out the Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection here.  It’s being called “sinister and unnerving, pretty and romantic.”

ps2:  From their British Fashion Council profile:  

SIGNATURES: “We do not to have a signature but rather a handwriting. We like to tell stories in different ways.”

IDEAL CLIENT: “Uncompromising, aware and individual.”

TRADEMARK PIECE: “Feminine designs that are considered and executed in an old fashioned manner.”

THE COLLECTION: “The concept of devotion.”

PLANS FOR 2013: “Keep on going.”

ps3:  Best of luck, gentlemen.  You rocked my socks!


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