A Thursday Thrill: Hornling Speakers

Can you believe Midwestern designer Ian Schneller has been doing this for 25+ years.  His pieces evoke the past and the future, at once, to me.  They are so–timeless!  Achingly beautiful.  And so literal.  How did he do that?

A 1984 graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he used his background as a sculptor to create musical instruments.  Using the charmingly generic company name “Specimen Products” he first created for himself.  Then a growing client base expanded the business, that he termed “a ruse,” into something.  A true business.

The items created are impeccable.  He explains:

“After having to correct the numerous shortcomings of my customers’ equipment and make sense of the growing number of needlessly elaborate designs on the market, I became convinced that a minimalistic approach with uncompromised structural fortitude is a much-needed credo.

God.  they are really something.

See more of what he does on the website/blog/shop:  Specimen Products


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