Monday Musing: Summer. Yes–it is Here!

1933chicago0003 (1)


Los Angeles:  June 10, 2013.  

Even though we are still firmly in the grips of the “May Gray/ June Gloom” weather cycle (which I love–don’t get me wrong!)–Summer is definitely here.

Not sure when it happened, exactly.  It seems like Spring came and went with not a lot of fan-fare.  But this early Summer.  That is what I like.  Soft breezes from the Ocean, several Westerly miles away.  Still being able to wear a light cardigan or scarf.  But time to think ahead–about Ice Cream.  And balmy evenings to come.

Started wondering what was happening last-century, about this time in women’s daily wear.  Saw this wonderful blog entry from “What We Wore Then.”  These images are from the Chicago Mail Order Company.  Pretty natty threads.  Eighty years ago!

I am partial to the Blue Canton Crepe Style A, in the first picture.  

As well as the Green Printed Dress (for 99 cents!) in the second.

BTW:  Special shout-out for the 2-piece Sun Suit and the Sport Dress.  

And a THANK YOU, to the style-gods for this graceful long silhouette.  Would that it make a come-back appearance–and I am NOT talking about the Maxi-Skirt.  LOL!

Which ones do YOU like?  Would love to hear!  xxx

Blog Link here:  What We Wore Then


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