Cladrite Radio: Thankful on Thursday!


Cladrite Radio Website

Goodness me.  I’m so glad that I recently found CLADRITE Radio.  It’s a blog.  An amazing streaming radio station.  A shop.  An online resource. 

I’ve loved “old” music for as long as I can remember.  My grandfather played ragtime piano and I learned syncopation in my own lessons, as a tribute to him.  My first job was pouring coffee during the breakfast/brunch rush at a diner that played sunny tunes from the 1940’s.

During my childhood years, my family would watch classic movies together.  Later on, I would stay up to watch the late-late show on my own.  These tastes were able to be indulged and beyond (24/7!) once TV channels like TCM came on the scene.  

I love all vintage items–the art, the architecture, the clothes.  All of it.  I felt like I was perhaps the only 12-year old that had set up her teenage bedroom like an antique store.  When antique malls were big, I was there!  Flea market?  Yes, please! 

But it is not the only part of my life! Or of me.  

That’s why when I read the following statement from Cladrite Industries, I knew that I had found a friend:

“At Cladrite Industries, we meet many people who live with one foot in the past, one foot in the present, and an eye toward the future. That is to say, they love movies made back when they were still called “pictures,” pop music of decades gone by, classic (and not-so-classic) fiction of the first half of the 20th century, venerable restaurants that predate the chains, and so much more, but not at the exclusion of the latest and greatest—contemporary movies (“films,” even), new music, innovative trends in dining, and the latest in groundbreaking technology. They are not so much nostalgic as they are intrigued by and appreciative of pop culture of the (relatively) recent past.”

It’s the method-to-my own particular madness.  I mean, the past is always a great place to visit.  But you can’t necessarily live there.  You know?  😉


PS:  At any rate, see that you click here to Listen to Cladrite Radio, hear? 



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  1. We’re humbled by your kind words! Thanks, flapperfemme!

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