Aces Laces: Fab, You’re Killing Me.

I don’t think that FAB has any idea how much my annual salary is.  Or any sympathy for that fact. 

Would you just look at these cute shoe ties?  Did they have to come in such amazing colors?  Did they have to named Aces Laces?  And hokey-smokes–I am a sucker for anything in a muslin pouch.


Fab just can’t seem to refrain from putting items on their site that make me cringe with delight. 

I can’t possibly have all that tickles my fancy.  And that is ok with me.  I understand.  Nor would I want every wish to be granted so easily.  It is challenging in this modern age, however, to see all the stuff that is out there.  Especially when it is *just a click away!*  Perhaps that is why posting pretties on here is such a fun thing to do.  I get to share what I see and love.  Honor it, move on. 

Until I just can’t help myself. 

ace3ace6ace2Did I mention that they were on sale at the Fab Happy Feet Shop?



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