Saturday “Selfies” for the Flapper Femme Etsy Shop

Oh, my.  I knew this day would come.  I knew that I would need to, at some point, get my hats on actual heads, in order for them to be seen in their best light in the Etsy shop.


I really struggled with how to do this.  I am not one who likes elaborate photo shoots.  Or people that I don’t even know (younger, cuter versions, ‘natch!) representing what I do.  I make these pieces for me and other “real” people. 

So I finally decided:  look.  It is not that serious. 

So, in the spirit of “Selfie” photography that has become the norm in most social media fronts, I thought that I would just take these pictures on the fly.  I like that informal look for myself and in other pictures that I see.  I even like the blur or activity.  The imperfect light and energy that an impromptu photo creates.  It makes me think of the wonder of the little camera from yesterday that set the world on fire, the Brownie.  Point.  Click.  Capture.

Los Angeles-20130615-00766

Los Angeles-20130615-00778

Los Angeles-20130615-00833[1]

Los Angeles-20130615-00779

Los Angeles-20130615-00790

Thought I would post some of them here.  It’s fun.  And shouldn’t it be?  

Los Angeles-20130615-00770



3 Comments Add yours

  1. I think it is very effective having the creations sported by their creator!

  2. flapperfemme says:

    At least it is on a real noggin’. LOL!

  3. Amy Robinson says:

    I’m loving the green hat pic! (glasses and alpha/numeric graphic background) Absolutely lovely!

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