Tuneful Tuesday: Leyla McCalla. Beautiful Soul.

I can’t remember when or how I stumbled upon Leyla McCalla.  I believe it was on Youtube.  Bouncing around as you do… 

I am so glad that I did.  This lovely lady from New Orleans just pulls at my heart.  There is something so beautiful, so ephemeral in her work.  Such an incredible talent.

I love this tune, this evening.  Living in L.A. can sometimes whoop you out.  I find that the city and its inhabitants can really give you a good dish-up of daily jostle.

Yet, it is amazing how much of my time is spent alone. 

And tonight, as I move about my apartment, I am noticing this solitude.  Paired with the sounds of people above, below and beyond me.  It is a sure lot to take in.

Good night, kids.  Sleep tight. 


Ps.  Thought you might like a bonus video of the gorgoeus Ms. McCalla.  Heck, it’s my pleasure.  Enjoy.  !


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