Back in a Flash.

I hope that you all had a lovely 4th of July weekend.

Mine began Thursday on a high note–volunteering at my local animal shelter, Lange Foundation, ramen and a cold beer in Little Osaka with my fella.  Taro shave ice with sno-cap to finish.

And then.  The fireworks.


Or my rendezvous.  With the Flu.


You know–the Flu.  That thing that smacks you down and holds you there for a good, long week?  (That’s why the call it La Grippe, don’t you know).


Well, baby.  I had it.  (It had me).

It turned into Bronchitis.  And after Urgent Care and the Emergency Room–I think I am just turning the corner.

Enough to actually sit up here in this chair and type this in.


I consider that a WIN.


Looking forward to coming out to play.  You in?





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