Monday: Powered by These.


I’ve become reacquainted with an old friend these past few weeks.  Having a cough which just won’t stop–I’ve had to sample the range of throat aids.  Needing some minty vapors, but not liking how medicinal everything out there seems to taste.

And then, I went back to it.  Ricola.  The original.

Which makes a lot of sense to me, in so many ways.  Heck–they’ve been around since 1930.  Their ingredients are all natural and soothing.  Their flavors are subtle, soothing and something you can have repeatedly.

Seriously digging on you, Ricola.  You rock.  Old Pal.

(of course, the old advertisement makes me giggle…)

But they also have a faboo website.  And, go figure–they are that great kind of company that puts back–investing in Modern Swedish Art, great architecture for their building sites and other causes. 

Good.  Delicious.  Stuff…XXX


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