Monday: Mavens.

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Advanced Style has to be the coolest blog ever.  For so many reasons.

First of all, it’s written by a young man.  About fashion.  About older folks.  

It captures the essence of what it is to express oneself through the clothes we wear and the attitude we choose to convey to the world.  With every post, it proves that this desire need not diminish with age–but can actually propel and sustain one into the senior years.  Glorious senior years!

The sidebar vendors are great resources, too.  Of goods, of services that are tasteful, fun and dignified.  For any age.

As someone who popped out with a innate love of fashion, but who has sometimes lost her way–this is a revelation.  That it does get better.  And better.  That because I ave moved into, frankly:  Middle Age; that all is not lost.  It’s not “GAME OVER,” called on account of wrinkling.

And that it will not DO to go down without having your fun.  It is only fabric and sparkle, after all.  (Or is it?  I am beginning to believe that it is a whole lot more.  It can, perhaps, belie a whole outlook and world view).

The blog, the website and the project have taken off and are having their ripple effect in the world.  It makes me so, well–excited!  I hope that you are too!





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