Friday Freedom: Liberty of London!

Yes.  It’s Friday!  Day of Imminent Freedom for Monday-Friday workers.  TGIF!


After my last post and having peeked at the Liberty of London website, I realized I wasn’t quite done on that theme.  Here are a few lovelies from that wonderful company.  What an online resource.  I realize that I will be back and referring to it in the future–it’s so much more than just fabric!

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I remember going to the store in London, sheesh–it’s been over 20 years ago.  I had spent my Junior Year Abroad in England and was on my spring break.  Spending time in the city.  I had experienced a very full year as an expat.  I remember feeling very seasoned and very chastened; as a naive Mid-Westerner.  Experiencing some of my first Anti-American (or at least Ambivalent-American) sentiment.  So much to take in.

Those ideals were sorely tried in the course of that year–from fellow students and new friends who challenged my idea of coming to England looking for charm and nostalgia.  Sometimes it was not an easy thing to be an American on a one-year rip.  It was a combination of a lot of things–my Midwestern naivitee, the economic climate of the time, just ME.  It did a lot to shake me up.   And make me think about my place in the world.  It was good stuff.

So by the time I hit Liberty’s that spring, I truly felt I was viewing it in a clearheaded sense.  That i “got” it.  Tradition with a twist.  And all of that Emperial Jazz.

Until I stepped in the doorway.  That was when the aesthete and artist in me just melted.  It is twee.  It was, well, CHARMING (a word I learned to supress that year).  It just was.  Everything you would think of as being, well, British.  

It still fascinates.  I’m still a sucker.  Go figure.

I mean, anywhere that has a section devoted to Haberdashery Sniff.  Well, really! !!!

You can read more about the long and illustrious history of the company here:  History of Liberty of London

Here is a short video showing how their special textiles are created.  Which convinces me that they are worth every penny that they cost.  Precious Goods!

Tickled for the chance to revisit all of this.  Time Travel.  For reals.  XXX


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