Friday Flashback: Rhoda

D. & I have been watching the Mary Tyler Moore show for a long time–it’s such a quality show that really has stood the test of time.  The characters are amazing.  The comedy is so sharp.  And it is so fun to flash back.

Happy to say that the same channel is now running Rhoda.  Squee!  This is even more fun, in a way–since I haven’t seen this show, really, since it was originally on the air.  

What I loved the most about it, besides Valerie Harper and the wonderful Rhoda–was its amazing vibrant 70’s sensibilities.  It was trippy and modern, psychedelic AND real.  And not only that–it had something that the Rhoda character brought with her:  a sense of nostalgic reference to that period I so love–the 1920’s-1940’s.  I am curious if this was a choice by Valerie Harper herself.  Or by the artistic team on the show/s.  I just don’t know.  And I don’t really need to know.

What I DO know is that on MTM, Rhoda really rocked a “1970’s-does-1940’s” look.  On Rhoda there is more of a 1920’s-30’s sensibility.  Again, in TECHNICOLOR.  I just love it.

It hits my inner Sesame Street / women’s lib & roaring ’20’s child just right.

images (2)

images (3)

Thanks, Rho’…XXX



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