Friday Frost: The “Provocatively Light” Ladies of Alan Reid


It’s an odd way to start–but I have to comment on the weather.  (Oh, and *Happy Friday to you,* BTW).

It has been so unseasonably cool here in Los Angeles for the past 3 weeks.  We are beyond the typical run of “May Gray” and “June Gloom.”  It’s full-on summer and it has been in the low-70’s.  

Don’t get me wrong.  I really LOVE IT.  But it has made for some unseasonable temps.  Some 2-blanket nights.  And some especially cold a/c days in the office.  I know.  First world problem.  Truly.

But that sense of chill.  And perhaps a reaction my interest in last week’s post–they were all so BRIGHT and VIBRANT…I am feeling a little more subdued.

Which is how I am getting to the paintings of NY artist, Alan Reid.  I wanted to share.

I am quite entranced.  And yes.  Provoked.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PS:  I like the description of his work found on his Facebook Page:  

His gauzy, colored-pencil representational images of heiresses, bored fashionistas and aquiline beauties have been called provocatively light, with coloring as delicate as his women are elegant.

The work invites reasoning, provocation and negotiation of absurdist scenarios involving majestic women in insipid situations.


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