Friday Fashion: Feeling Funky. Skunkfunk USA!

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I first found out about Skunkfunk when I bought the most amazing handbag from Black Market, in the Little Osaka neighborhood in West LA, a few years ago.  It had sturdy wooden handles.  And a rounded oilcloth base.  It was a great burnt-orange color with blue-black pinstripes.  I loved it dearly.

About a year ago one of the handles cracked in half.  I have been too sad to part with it entirely.  I know it is a DIY-waiting to happen.  I just need to get to the LYS and get some new handles.  I can’t wait.  It will be like a whole new bag.  YAY!

But i entirely digress.  

I found myself wanting to get another fab bag like it.  Was hoping that the company had something out now that was similar.  I didn’t expect to get so “taken” with their clothing line, too!  So much so, that I thought I would share this good stuff with you.  Here…

Heavens.  I do LOVE these goods!  I appreciate their simplicity.  I adore the rich colors.  I can’t *believe* how they have taken trends that have me cringing (color blocking, geometrics, oh–you know!), and do them in a way that is still fresh.  

I like that their look is youthful and timeless.  It’s appealing that these girls have some spunk and that some of the looks are a little androgynous.  Others are rather feminine.  

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I am a little hesitant on the sizing…I have yet to try them on.  Need to do a little more research. But am looking forward to looking into that.  And their Outlet section offers nice enough prices so that I can easily do so…!

Check out their great website:  Skunkfunk USA.  Where you can peruse at your leisure…

>>> <<<

Here is a bit more, too–from their “About” page:

“Skunkfunk strongly believes fashion, environmental and social concerns can and should go hand-in-hand. Our stylish digs overflow with bold versatile threads, made mostly from sustainable textiles and shipped in recycled and biodegradable packaging. Based in the Basque Country, north of Spain, Skunkfunk collaborates closely on its urban European garb with a menagerie of diverse and talented artists, musicians, and illustrators. Many of the clothing items are reversible or adaptable, such as skirts that morph into shirts and shirts that morph into dresses. Skunkfunk continues to reinvent itself through its design and personality, with an eclectic and vigorous style that is full of color and multi-concept designs.”

>>> <<<

Click here to see more about Skunkfunk’s color stories for this Fall.  They are awesome.  

BTW:  Which *girl* are you? I am MAI, fo’ sho’.  !!!

mai (1)



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