From Little Acorns…

My niece, Dominique is having a birthday.  I can’t believe that she can possibly be this big already.

One of the many things that I love about her is that she, too, is a crafty chica.


Always has been!  Even at an early age we have been able to sit down, sort buttons. Play with beads.  Good stuff!  

Last Christmas was a real blast, because she gave out handmade presents. Which reminded me a lot of my own endeavors as a wee small one.  She is reading craft books, sorting things out herself.  And she’s really good!

Her Uncle D. is down for her birthday and told me last night that she was going to be getting her own sewing machine!  And her Mama sent me this photo today.  How very exciting!

Happy Birthday, Dominique.  You big girl, you.

You are talented at so many things.  But these interests of yours–well, they touch my heart.  They ring my bells.  And I can’t wait for us to continue the creative conversation as you grow!


PS:  According to D., Dominique attended Sewing Camp this summer & is already making “a ton of cool stuff–clothes, purses, dolls, etc!”

 You go, Nikka!


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