Monday Must-Haves: Acme Notions

After having posted about my niece and her BRAND NEW SEWING MACHINE (read:  ticket-to-crafty-independence!), I remembered a fab website that has the cutest novelties and notions.  And that it would be a perfect place to pick up a few things to send. In an “seamstress-sort-of-care-package” way.

Acme Notions is adorable. They have a good selection of affordable, to-die-for small items that would have made ME swoon, as a kid.  I decided NOT to post what I am picking up for Dominique.  So as not to spoil any sort of surprise factor.

But knowing that I am STILL one-big-kid, I thought that I would give you a sampling of what great goods, by posting a gallery of what I WOULD LIKE.  For my own self.  (And yes.  My birthday is coming up…  … in DECEMBER!  You can never plan too early, can you now?).  Lol…



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