Thursday Threads: Why I Need a Pinny.

A Pinafore.  

I want one.  I really do.

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How could you not?  They are artistic and highly practical.

I love these,that are made out of a lovely, simple linen.  I love that they are made for women of all sizes and look great on.

I kind of even love that I could not find a pattern for one online & that I found Rough Linen, a site that sells them for less than the price of me making one myself, when all is said and done.  (Did I mention that my sewing machine is Ka-Put?)…

So here it is.  The Pinny that I think will be mine.  But not *quite yet.*  Hate to say it, but I will have to wait to save up a few, er, “pinnies.”  Aw, shucks.  But it is the truth.  Looking forward to having this in my Fall Line-up, though.  Word.

Adult sizes start at 70.00.  Kids are $50–with a cute toy included in the pocket!  Looks like a great item and great company.  Here is a video, giving you a little more info about how it came to be part of their line. 

They also sell a whole bunch of other lovelies.  Check them out here.

PS:  If you have any Adult Pinafore information of your own to share, please do!  I am looking for more items like this!  Thanks!  XXX


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