Friday Fan-Fare: Tom Dixon. I Love You.

I.  Adore.  This. Designer’s.  Work.

I love that he uses all sorts of natural materials and finishes.  That he is pushing *beyond* the current trend of brushed brass and copper!  I mean, look at that shiny shiny gold finish!  He just upped the ante.  But big.  

I am loving that redux butcher’s block table!  And CAST IRON banks?  Table Bases?  You bet!

Here, too–he blasts past dark wood finishes.  He steps right off the end of the plank–and lands into deep, saturated BLACK.  And not “one-of-three wood tones” black.  

I mean, if Heywood-Wakefield fell into the La Brea tarpits and were enrobed in flat, gorgeous ebony.  It makes brushed silver, aluminum or nickel wish they never had been born.  

The bent wood shapes.  The colors on that enamelware.  The textures.  Mid-Century Modern, pish.  This is something old and it feels very new.

And let’s talk about those silver-tones.  Well, they are present.  But they simply speaks another language.  Again, it is one that we’ve seen before–the lustre glass, punched screen and bent silver wire, galvanized steel.  But spoken all at once!   This feels so fresh and strong.  And I am in Love.

Like any new *relationship*–I don’t know where this will lead.  

I’m in the “scoping-out” phase.

But I like what I see…


PS:  I highly encourage you to take your own look on his fabulous website!  

My thumbnails are small, I know.  See it BIG and so much more of it, on the site.


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