Back in LA and the Worm Has Turned!

Whew!  When I left LA about a week and a half ago, the weather was BRUTAL.  Hotsy Totsy.  

One of the reasons I have learned to love this place is because of the wonderful, temperate weather.  Light seasons.  It’s been such a wonder–after growing up in the extreme climate of Central Illinois!

But that end-of-Summer-time is always the bitter pill of the year.  August through November can be hard.  So I wasn’t exactly *thrilled* to see it start up again.  And it continued all the time I was away. 

But as so often happens…the temps cooled off upon my return.  So much so, that I can actually don some fashion that gives a nod to the coming Fall.  Hurrah!

And it sets my mind to layers.  And, of course, I am dreaming of what I can make that would be fun-wearing for the season.


Saw this on The Purl Bee Blog the other day.  Loving the simplicity of the pattern.  The color-blocking and shaping that is easy and fresh.  I like!  Plus, it looks like the perfect type of pick-up project for a bus-ride or the lunch hour.

Here is the link, should you like to check out Laura’s Loop Color Tipped Scarf Tutorial.  It looks like a good ‘un!


Hope you are enjoying some nice weather, where you are.



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