Score! Told-ja So.

It pays to subscribe to e-blasts from your favorite companies.  It does!

Now I know that there are a few ways to look at this:  sometimes the knowledge of a bargain/sale/promotion can lead to you pulling out your wallet when you wouldn’t have ordinarily done so.  That is true.

But most of the time you can save some serious $$$.  Add to your fashion stash.  And have some fun.


Case in point:  Goorin Brothers Sample Sale this weekend.   I bought 4 hats.  FOR A SONG.  I’m talking $40.00 for 4 hats that retail at a minimum of $60.00/per. 

I picked up the lovely Ms. Norma, pictured above–a great brushed cotton, structured fedora.  Two straws in a similar shape. 

And a nice fawn-colored wool fedora, perfect for the autumn season that is upon us…

>>> <<<

It was as easy as a quick shot downtown.  Back on the road in less than an hour. 

And I think that going on the last day of the sale, where there was still plenty to choose from, was a good idea.  Less hemming and hawing to be had, on my part!

PS:  The best part was is the BOGO:  when you whispered a special password.  

Literally had me singing…



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