Friday! And the Future is Here!

I have been trying to “get” the concept of 3-D printing.  And believe me–it’s been a struggle.  Perhaps it is a *generational* thing–having grown up from typewriters and mainframe computers to hand-held independant everything.

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I think that I have an inkling now.  I saw the most fun and practical application that is going on in the world of all things–jewelry, on the FAB website today.  Where they are featuring some fun, Mod designers, such as the Philadelphia-based jewelry studio Half Craft.  The fun, playful pieces are created by designer Ashley Marcovitz.  Can you say precious gem shapes in rich vibrant brights?  They remind me, wonderfully of Play-Doh!  🙂

You can see a sampling of them over at Fab, where they are being offered at a discount.  Or on Etsy.

If this is the Future.  Bring it!  Bring it on!!!





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