Dressing for Summer’s Last Hurrah

Dangit.  It’s that type of late-September weather we have here in Los Angeles–cold sleeping & waking up to forecasts that are soaring up towards 90 degrees.  Santa Ana winds that whip up fires and can plain make you crazy. 

Fall IS here–for us.  In the way the light is falling.  The colors of the sky and trees.  It is barely perceptable.  And it makes me want to grab a sweater.  But it is a little premature for that extra layer.  We still have a month or more of what can be the hottest weather of our year.  Gar!

So it’s time to steel myself and dress for it.  And I will take some inspiration from the Israeli Street Style of designer Jenia Krol.  Her etsy shop Jen Fashion is giving me some motivation this morning.  Good lines and interesting basics.  And lots of jackets and cozy layering.  For later. 

You stay cool today, hear?    I will endeavor to do so, too.  XXX





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