Joan Crawford: The Nice Girl.

I know that Joan Crawford has a *certain reputation* in our pop culture frame of reference. 

Hell, I grew up terrified of her from “Mommy Dearest.”  

But in viewing her in films over the years, I have taken a different view.  And it doesn’t really matter what her personal life was all about (or not).  I am more interested in her film career.  Particularly in those early films.


Is she hard-boiled?  Yes!  World-weary?  YES!  But in these types of roles, where she is playing a fatigued office worker, an ill-treated good-time girl, the over-pawed chorine.  Or even a con-woman with a conscious, there is something so appealing about her.  And you understand the “why” of where she is at.  And root her on as she strives to change and improve. 

In “Our Blushing Brides”–where she visits her bff, who is ‘playing house’ and being kept in style, instead of demanding that he put a ring on it.  Gerry is a good pal, hoping against hope that this will end well for her friend. 

* * *

Here are a few other favorties…


* * *

I suppose you will have to take my word for it, for when I was searching the YouTube files, there only seemed to be the seamier or more outrageous side of Crawford and her career being portrayed.  But that is part of the legacy, too. 

I encourage you to check out her early films, in particular.  TCM is a great resource for them.

Would love to hear what YOU think…



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