Thursday Things: Inside the Rainbow!

Hot off the presses!  Inside the Rainbow: Russian Russian Children’s Literature 1920-35: Beautiful Books, Terrible Times.

There is a lovely review over at Brain Pickings.

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There is much that is not “new”  or surprising–it seems that Russian art, architecture, ideology and commerce were all moving in one direction.  For a time, at least.  And I couldn’t help noticing what looked awfully familiar to me:


These remind me so of El Lissitsky.

* * *




And these of the Stenberg Brothers.

* * *

Is it any wonder, though.  Really?  Nothing happens in a vacuum.  

Perhaps it is the very energy and optimism that reverberates in these images that is so moving–and knowing now how it would all go down in the end.  That such “muchness” was impossible to tangibly, solidly manifest.  Let alone sustain, in such times as these.


ps:  I wonder, then–will we look at our Children’s Literature–the graphic feast that is out there for our pleasure and consumption–through tomorrow’s lens?  Food for thought…


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