Da Best! Da-Sein Socks!

Oh my.  

In the spirit of “A gift for you.  And you.  And you.  Oh–and one for me, too” shopping.  (Come on, you know what I am talking about here)–I have found a new product that I am so in love with.  

I found them first on FAB.  Couldn’t make up my mind, but made the plunge and got these lovely knee-highs:


Cutest detailing ever, with the red running stitch “seams” and the bold typographic “?” on the foot.  They are also very substantial–made of bamboo fiber, the care instructions suggest that they be hand-washed.  I will, too.  They feel in your hand and on your foot, as though you are wearing a fine old-fashioned silk stocking.  One that you are happy to care for!  Such a nice change from my department store knee socks!  (Sorry,Hue.  I do still love you, though.  Just not as much or with the same passion.  These new socks are a bit of a game-changer!).

I’ve also found them on Facebook–where to my delight, they are running some serious, deep discounts through mid-December.  Every 48-hours, they are featuring sets of their wonderful socks at 60% off.  Free shipping.  Check them out.  Give some for the holidays!  Buy some for yourself, too, hear?  Wear and enjoy!

Here is a sample of one the most recent 48-hour sale offerings:


1353502514908_Free Shipping



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