Friday Fun–Novelty Tunes.

Loaded onto my I-Pod today, some amusing tunes:

The Hoosier Hot Shots–“I Like Bananas, Because They Have No Bones”

Randolph Sutton–“You Ought to Know Better, A Big Girl Like You”

Gracie Fields–“What Can You Give a Nudist for His Birthday?”

Ambrose and His Orchestra–“Chewing Gum”

* * *

Gosh, I love a funny song.  Especially the kind that are from the English Music Hall days.  Also from early Jazz.  

Gads–the word-play!  Plus, they are usually naughty in some way or another.  Or just plain silly.  


I think that I get an appreciation for this type of humor from my Mom–who really loves a good turn of phrase.  

I also think that growing up in the era of Jim Henson, early Sesame Street and the Muppets helped.  They really used and championed those old sorts of tunes.

Modern proponents, like the lovely Janet Klein, certainly do their bit to keep the fun alive.


Hee!  XXX


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