Beads! Baubles! Treasure.


As per my last post, I have been busy making, creating and dreaming this holiday season.  Been having an especially fun time with vintage glass.  Oh, how I love it!

I made an impulse buy on Etsy last week, from Shadow Mix.  It was most gratifying, as I purchased on Wednesday and found it waiting in my mailbox on Friday afternoon.  Woot! 

I bought these bracelet blanks:  

 il_570xN_451045887_i3fy il_570xN_451028538_pdlz

Plus THIS AMAZING cache of glass.  Oh my!  I have already gotten my money’s worth from the fun of “the dig” to see what I had received.  I was able to sort these out into many many projects.  Some to add to my own assortment and roll back into the shop.  Sort.  Make.  Gift.  Sell. –WIN!

Having too much fun for my own good.  Hope you are, too.  xxx


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