Santa’s Workshop! Do Not Disturb!



One of my favorite holiday memories was one of my own creation.  I was always a crafty child, but during Christmastime, my energies would go into overdrive.

Once, I remember telling my family to “stay away” from my room.  I assembled all of my homemade *loot* on my bed and around my furniture.  It was my first foray into “retail”–a mini trunk show!  When I was ready, I invited my family in, to choose from my stock, what they wished to have.

I must have been around 8 or 9 years old.

* * *

This holiday isn’t much different.  I had a wonderful productive Sunday.  Full of what my Grannie from Georgia called “messing and gomming.”  To me, that is really the sweetest spot.  In the great glow of creation, I was putting things together–sewing, adhering, designing small items that I have no idea who they are going to.  And it doesn’t matter–because they are all from my hand and made with love.  It will all fall into place in the packing and distribution phase.

In the meantime, I have had my fun.  And then some.




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