Needful Things: Ballad, by Blexbolex.

French graphic artist Blexbolex has done it again!  His newest work, Ballad looks really wonderful.  

First of all, it is 280 pages!  A real tome!  


And, as usual, it unfolds in primarily a visual manner.  His amazing silk screened tableaux are paired in a seemingly simplistic manner.  But again, as usual–they are anything but simple.  

In my mind, Blexbolex really lives and breathes in the space between the image and the word.  


Check the lovely review over at Brain Pickings for a fuller description.  Can’t wait to hold it in hand and take the journey for my self.


Available at Amazon–prices ranging new hardcover from $13-17.00.  Pretty nice price.  Would be a great holiday gift.  





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