She gave me Ruscha.


I do love a good Facebook meme.  Especially an interactive one.  Silly quizzes.  Questionnaires.  What-have-you.  Good fun!

Yes, I know that it can be pure fluff.  “What character from what’s-it are YOU?”  “Repost such-and-such if you are in solidarity of who-and-why.”  No matter.  I enjoy that informal connection and play that makes FB a charming place.  If that makes me fluffy–so be it.   

One that I truly love that is going around is the Art Meme “I will assign you an artist.”  I’ve played a couple times and the first time I was given an artist–Gwen John–that I had previously been unaware of.  Fun discovery. 

* * *

Last week I was assigned Ed Ruscha by the lovely Austin.  I have been slow in slapping up my favorite work, because I just have been having fun looking.  Remembering.  Savoring the journey.


E.R.’s business card

I have lived in LA for the past 20-something years.  His work has been in the background of my life all that while.  It is interesting to look at it now–as a Midwestern transplant.  Someone who never thought she would “end up here.”  To find that these images.  These colors.  This outlook.  Has seeped in and taken over.  I am a Californian, true.

* * *

But back to Ruscha…

For me, he tells it like it is.  Life in all its gloss.   Ambiguity.  Ridiculous disappointment.  Teeming and seething. 
Devestating hilarity.  And I love it. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks, Austin.  For the assignment.  To give a shout out to an artist that I really love.  Though I had forgotten it.  And the chance to touch base with my self this past week.  

To acknowledge the fledgeling prairie girl that I was.  To the stumbling art student and professional.  Angry failed newlywed.  To new beginnings.  To finally learning to enjoy the journey.   

To know that I fully embrace the endlessly flawed, jaded, hopeful Californian that I am today.  Hooray!

Thanks, Ed.  (Can I call you Ed?)  Thanks, Austin. 




One Comment Add yours

  1. Austin Gray says:

    You are more than welcome. I’m a big Ruscha fan, too! And I love your blog. Thanks for sharing it!!!

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