Happy Birthday, Dad!

My father–it’s his special day!


I was sitting here puzzling over what I want to say about this important man in my life.  Two adjectives came to mind:  Strong.  Fair.  

I really struggled with reducing my father down to these two qualities.  And I had to come back to this post once I had thought about it a while.  

There are so many other things that come to mind regarding my father–his love of the natural world.  His kindness and easy-going attitude.  His work ethic.  

But it does still boil down to his strength and fairness.  My feeling is that he sees things as they are.  Good, bad and otherwise.  And knows that sometimes you are UP and sometimes you are DOWN.  That allows him to treat others with compassion.  And contentment when things are on the up–that it is pure gravy.  That realistic view also gives him the strength to bear up and help others endure when the chips are down.  

One of the things he has said to me over the years, is “keep on truckin’.  That is just his way.  Reminds me of my favorite Woody Guthrie quote, which runs along the same line:  “Take it easy, but take it.”

* * *

He and some of the people that he grew up with in a small Lumber-town of Pondosa, Oregon, have been posting pictures from their childhood.  Dad has always shared fond stories of his childhood.  Sounds like he had a blast.  For me, it has been truly fun to view these photos of my dad and his family that I have never seen before.

Here is a slideshow of a few of them:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Love you, Dad.  

There’s no one like you.  No one can top you in my eyes.



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