I am a LUSH. And it is good for ME

Or:  Why I love Lush Cosmetics


I can’t believe that about 12 years ago I used to work off of Main Street in Santa Monica & walk by the Lush Store that was there and think to myself:  “silly.  smelly.  store!”

That location closed and time passed.  I finally ventured into the shop and surrendered to the fuss that the staff make of you.  (Not my typical comfort zone).  Their enthusiasm was contagious and the products simply YUMMY.  I started going semi-regularly.  Trying new products.  Some were misses.  But many were definite HITS and have become products that I don’t want to live without.


D. has gotten into the habit of gifting me with gift cards for special occasions, which is nice.  And he really rang my bells a few christmases ago, when he bought the epic BIG RED BOX.  Apparently that is a chick magnet, for any of you men out there.  He had female customers following him around the store & sighing wistfully.  !!!

In any case–yes.  They are a little on the spendy side.  Buy as someone who does not treat herself to the type of pampering that I see other ladies regualrly indulge in, I figure that it is fine.  And in finding those products that I don’t want to be without, they are the best money I spend.  They are the packaging, scents and rituals that mark my days and nights.  I smell and taste delicious, thank you! 

Plus the company has a great ethical stance that is easy to get totally behind.

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Here’s a slide show of my tried and true favorites.  Feel free to comment or message me if you have any questions about these goods or any suggestions of your own.  I am always down for sharing the Lush Lore.

Stay fresh.

try me



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