Friday Femme: Varvara Stepanova.

As you may have noticed over time, I change my header and background image regularly.  Not only do I like to keep things fresh and perhaps seasonal, but the search for new images allows for me to troll and hone in on just “what it is” that I am trying to do.  Who and what I am drawn to as an artist and a person.

When I was much younger, I always knew that I loved history with a capital “H.”  That I loved all of it.  The events and their impact.  The fashion.  The art.  And as I have matured, I find that I am most drawn to the 1920’s and 193o’s, in particular.

But perhaps what has interested me most is that I am able to hone in more and more.  To know that I am not particularly interested in the young “American Flapper” style or phenomenon that perhaps my blog name and product line could denote.  There is something a little deeper.  More Continental.  More rooted in the young female artists working in the Movements of that time in Europe:  Bauhaus.  Constructivism.  Dada.  Expressionism.  Women working in many artistic modalities–in the fine arts, the manual arts and theater.  Their style and committment reflected in everything from how they dressed.  How they worked and played.  They are heroic to me.  Because of their dedication to something higher and rooted in the good of the group, their sense of fun is anything but frivolous. 

These women are vital and vigorous.  They may be surrounded and influenced and yes, sometimes dominated by the men in their life and in their movements.  But they always always always stand apart and independent.  They are always allowed AT THE TABLE.  And that is everything. 

I want to be more vigilant in understanding how they have and continue to influence me.  To pay more public tribute to them. I want to explore these interests, too, to dig deeper into my own aesthetic yearnings.  To be a more specific artist in my own right.  To listen to that inner voice that is not a making goods merely to please others.  But from my own inner knowledge and understanding of what is good and right to me. 

So.  In that vein, I am looking to give a weekly shoutout to the “Friday Femme.” 

What better way to start than with the woman that I am featuring as my February Flapper Femme blog background.  My Muse of the Month:  Varvara Stepanova.  You can read about her amazing career at the MOMA collection website.  Or here.

I love her energetic, practical designs.  I love her eye for mimialism and reduction to what is essential.  I would wear her clothing in a hot minute.  I admire her work in a time of great social upheaval and optimism.

Stepanova 1985 2

images (10)

images (7)

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Stepanova:  you are the ultimate!  I salute you!



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