Friday Femme: Anni Albers

This Friday I want to focus on one particular output from a very creative, busy artist:  Anni Albers.

She worked in many mediums.  But I want to focus on one specific contribution that came out of a 1940 collaboration between Anni and Alex Reed, a student she first met at Black Mountain College.

The collection used ordinary household items–from office supplies to small bits at the hardware store.  They viewed the items as form…and were then able to use them in such unexpected and beautiful ways.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What an interesting and clever use of materials.  So practical and fun.  Perfect for a world coming out of the Great Depression and into another World War.  You can read more about it here–a great breakdown of some antecedents and subsequent appropriations.

The kits are still sold!  Check online–they generally run about 15 smackers, which is affordable.  There are plenty of online DIY hacks, of course.

Which I would like to *think* would be alright with Anni.  That girl had a lot more than this going on…

Isn’t it just fun and wonderful?

Love.  Love.  Love.  XXX


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