Speaking of Pendleton…

Apropos of my last post, I want to mention something very nifty that I saw on the Pendleton Woolen Mills Store Blog.  

Did you know that you can buy remnant pieces of their textiles?  I immediately thought of ways in which I can use this in hat-making projects.  

worms (1)

wooly worms!

3 header

blanket header!

0302121632 (1)

scrappy strips!

The cute part is that there is a weekly “Truck Report,” which tells you how many pounds of this stuff was delivered to the warehouse.  The remnants are sold by the pound, per random lot.  And the price couldn’t be nicer–from 1$ to $5/lb.

They don’t do online orders, but I plan to contact them soon.  (I am PARTICULARLY intrigued with the idea of the worms, for use in flower-making.  As raw-edged ribbon!)  

Will keep you posted!



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