Speaking of Tattoos…

I have been hankering for something new.


And that is funny–because the last time I got one, in 2009, I swore I never would again.  Now I love my tatt.  I DO!  I did not really enjoy the experience.  I guess I am more of a delicate flower, in regards to pain, than I had ever known.


In any case, time passes and you all know how that great amnesiac of distance can make you forget just about anything.  And I realize that in the past couple of years, I have been morphing.  Closing in on my most creative self.  Defining.

And I would like some kind of permanent marker to reflect that.

What popped in my mind most immediately is that I would like TWO of them.  Power symbols.  Dynamic.  Spherical.  Most definitely with a nod to that 20’s-30’s style I so love.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I thought that I would like to have a circle on each of my upper arms.  

Almost like the wiring or pins on a jointed dolly or mannequin.


Here are some designs and inspirations that I am loving right now.  But I will be looking for some time to come.  And I would like to wait to get them until a real transition or milestone marker has occurred.  

I guess it is just nice to know that in some way.  TBD.  This time is coming! 

Wonder if it will be Sometime.  Soon.  ???




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