Friday Femme: Lilya Brik, Muse of the Russian Avant Garde

Although the name might not be familiar to you, you might recognize this face.  

Or this image:


the famous Rodchenko poster.

* * *

But there are other great images…  


And so many twists and turns in this amazing woman’s life.

Herself a graduate from the Moscow Institute of Architecture, she lived a very free, very unconventional life.  She was a model, an actress and a production manager.  She inspired many of the mega-talents of the time.  I encourage you to read more about her loves and artistic pursuits.  

There is a great article by The Telegraph.  As well as a YouTube clip of audio that records her reading the poetry of her Menage-a-Trois partner, Vladimir Mayakovsky.

Yes.  There is sadness in the life she led.  And pain, no doubt.  But I truly admire her vibrant spirit.  All of the positive adjectives and descriptions by those who knew her suggest that she was a special Force of Nature, indeed.

* * *

And of course, we have the pictures to prove it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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