Monday: Agnes Martin.

Great post over at Brain Pickings today.  

Featuring one of my favorite Modern Artists–Agnes Martin.


When I first saw her work, I knew I loved it.  For its deceptive simplicity. The subtlety of the colors.  The meditative quality.  How they makes me feel.

I really like the article.  It was one of those *right on time* sorts of things.  As an artist, I often am happiest in the moment of creation.  For me, it is the “what comes next” and how to move what I have made part, that is not my favorite.  

I have been really wrestling the last week or two.  And, as always and of course, it really is only with myself that I have been fighting.

Between the wants and the musts and the shoulds.  

It’s in there somewhere.  And what is NOT hard is the creating.  That, at least, I am thankful for.

I take heart in these wise words of Martin:

You think it would be easy to discover what is blinding you, but it isn’t so easy. It’s pride and fear that covers the mind. Pride blinds you. It destroys everything on the way in. Pride is completely destructive. It never leaves anything untouched. First it takes one way … telling you that you’re all right … boosting up your ego, making all kinds of excuses for you… It takes a long time for us to turn against pride and get rid of it entirely. And, of course, with every little downfall of pride, we feel a tremendous step up in freedom and in joy. Of course, most people don’t really have to come to grips with pride and fear. But artists do, because as soon as they’re alone and solitary, they feel fear. Most people don’t believe they have pride and fear, because they’ve been conditioned on pride and fear. But all of us have it. If we don’t think we have it, then that’s a deceit of pride. Pride practices all kinds of deceits. It’s very, very tricky. To recognize and overcome fear and pride, in order to have freedom of mind, is a long process.

* * *

I will keep you posted.  And you have to know, that I am very grateful for your company on this journey!









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