Friday Find: Elke Kramer

Can’t get enough of Australian designer, Elke Kramer’s gorgeous jewelry and scarves.  I saw a few of her pieces on the Anthropologie website and realized I wanted to see and know more.


Check out her stuff–I am particularly smitten with the Moonstruck Monsoon collection.  The pieces are gorgeous in and of themselves.  

But their very names–“Disorientation Earrings,”  the “Whirlwind of Peril Scarf,” “Thunderbellow Handkerchief” and “Ring of Echoes”–you could not ask for move evocation than that!  

They place you squarely in a mysterious, permanent swirl.  

What a delight.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They *are,* at this time, sadly out of my price range.  But there are pieces both on her site and at Anthro that are nicely reduced.  Check it.  And in the meantime, I will have to save my pennies…



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